Which product should I choose?

  • GEL POLISH: The main difference between gel nail polish and regular air dry nail polish is the length of time it is worn. If applied correctly, gel nail polish can last up to two weeks without chipping. But you need to harden your gel nail polish with an LED/UV light.
  • DIP POWDER: Dip powder nails are an amazing breakthrough in nail technology that gives you beautiful nails that last. Dipped nails are durable like acrylics, but they’re also flexible like gel nails. The solutions used are odorless, and they dry in just a couple of minutes without UV light.
  • Extension Gel Nail: Gel nail extension is a process that involves hard gel built on a natural nail and cured with UV light. The manicurist uses a nail form, which is basically a sticker that goes under the free edge of the nail, to extend the length of the nail.
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