Aokitec was founded in 2014 as a traditional trading company. Due to its desire to rejuvenate the cosmetics market, Aokitec offers a wide variety of manicure products. Our team consists of knowledgeable, consummate professionals who know their business and regularly update the catalog. These updates reinvent our products without compromising on modern trends. Aokitec strives to provide both high quality and competitive beauty products to clients around the world, from individuals to beauty salons. Now our current product offerings include, but are not limited to:
· manicure brushes
· UV-lamps
· acrylic- and gel-based nail polishes
· nail files
Our acrylic- and gel-based nail polishes have different chemical compositions that make them more durable, flexible, and longer lasting than traditional, air-dried nail polishes. Additionally, with our products, you can do more than just color your nails, such as create different shapes while boosting your boundless creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Also, because of the chemical composition, you can protect your natural nails. Don’t worry about breaking a nail when opening cans, doing the dishes, or other everyday tasks. Aokitec’s products have your nails covered!
Aokitec UV lamps are suitable both for at home and commercial use. Aokitec’s UV lamp technology for nails allows you to dry acrylic coatings and gel polish twice as fast, without sacrificing that even finish. It is also compatible with complex nail extensions.
Finally, with Aokitec’s manicure brushes, our clients can fulfill their creative ideas, maximizing their nails artistic potential. While we take pride in our products, we also greater pride in taking care of our planet. For this reason, wood, rather than plastic, is used in our popular brush handles, providing a popular, yet environmentally-friendly, product.
Aokitec products are the perfect tandem of excellent quality, elite design, trendy shades, and innovative technologies!

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