Je voulais vous présenter en action mes magnifiques pinceaux pour nail art de la marque @aokitec

Ces 6 pinceaux de qualité professionnelle avec leurs poils naturels sont très faciles à utiliser. Leur manche ergonomique tient parfaitement entre les doigts. Et que dire de ce sublime packaging avec ces couleurs pailletées !

J'apprécie également que chaque pinceau soit muni d'un petit capuchon pour protéger les poils. Avec ce set, à vous tous les graphismes. Que ce soit des ronds, des rayures, des fleurs... de petites ou grandes tailles, chaque pinceau permet de faire des dessins différents. Il ne reste qu'à faire parler son imagination... 

 -Rithi (sugar_nails_inspo)

thank you so much @aokitec for giving me the opportunity to test this nail polish set! 🧡

These are six gel polish with autumn shades, perfect for this period!
They spread easily and are very pigmented from the first application!
 inspired me to make this nail art😍

 leave 🧡 if you like it☺       

This Nail Art Brush Set comes with:

Rounded Acrylic brush
 Gel Nail Brush
 Flat Brush
 Nail Carved Pen
 Pull Line Pen Brush
 Drawing pen Brush

 DIY all kinds of nail art designs you like using these brushes! These brushes can also be used for intricate makeup looks for a detailed look! The brushes are lightweight and easy to hold because of the cool triangular grip design which makes them feel so comfortable to hold, without slipping and/or rotating, especially when you are doing some precise painting. I love the beautiful ombré gradient color and gorgeous texture on these brushes.

Remember from Oct. 27-31 if you buy 1 brush set, you could receive one random item Halloween Blind Box!

 -Jenny 🇵🇷 Makeup By: IBDFM"           

I started this account to share my makeup journey with you all, including teaching/informing others (whenever possible) with the lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

This is one of them. 
For the longest time, I struggled to understand why I couldn’t pick up this skill as easily as I have the cut crease, for example.
I’d want add a touch of graphic liner to a look and could never get the precision that I was hoping for. 
 Here’s why: I had the wrong brushes for the job. If you struggle with graphic liner, then maybe this applies to you too. 
Watch this post for an explanation. 
 Also, swipe to see some of the quick, trial looks I’ve done with this brush set so far. 
I’m so excited to have made this discovery. 
 Now I can be more creative and technical than what was possible in the past.

 -Kamisha Ni’Chelle she/her 

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